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We do not have to get it together before we show up.

Anne Lamott

Deb Montgomery, MA, LMHC


Over the years, I have found myself using metaphors to describe the different ways psychotherapy can function in a person’s life.  As a psychotherapist, I will work with you creatively, imaginatively and thoughtfully to explore the places, people, and times along your journey that have both empowered and hindered you. My theoretical influences include but are not limited by Attachment Theory, Psychoanalysis and a deep respect for the connection between the Body and Mind. With a background in the arts, I am also open to and curious about other venues of exploration and expression, and will sometimes encourage clients to create as a means of tapping into other aspects of themselves.  When I am not with clients in my Ballard studio, I continue to write poetry and songs, and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 





Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

Seattle, WA


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Wheaton College

Wheaton, IL 

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